Man Van Part Two

Hola Web Heads,

Hope you are all doing well. For this blog post I’m going to keep it short and simple. Why you may ask, because I want you to go clean your Black Widow grips and go play some golf! That’s why! Let’s begin.

Brrrr See I'm Wearing Sweater

Brrrr See I’m Wearing Sweater

By now most of you should be in your full swing golf season. Here in Florida the non golf season is just unbearable for me, it lasted a good four to five days!  Now I know you are thinking oh wow a whole five days of cold weather. I’m saying it made me sad, being forced to stay indoors with extremely cold temperatures of around 40*. Stop laughing my blood has thinned out since moving to Florida and the struggle is real.


Anyway it’s almost time for The Florida Boys next adventure. Yes! Man Van Part 2 is mere weeks away. Soon the other Florida Boys Mr. Orlando and Mr. Todd will be parked in my driveway, and I will be loading up the rented Man Van with all my golf gear (Yes of course all my Black Widow Golf gear will be making the journey silly people) and then we will begin our Journey to The 18 FORE Life Charity Event in Dexter, Missouri.

Florida Boys action                 2014

Florida Boys action 2014

It’s one of my FAVORITES! I’m sure everyone of us has been touched by a certain cause or charity that we support and invest in. I have two; The Folds of Honor and 18 FORE Life. I’m proud to help support both.


Well there you have it, short and sweet. Stay tuned I will be sharing some photos from the event, which might even include some Black Widow gear. Okay yes it will include Black Widow gear! Until next time have a wonderful golfing time.

Set up for 18 Fore Life Event

Set up for 18 Fore Life Event


Tees and the Tee Box

Ever played around with tees or gotten in trouble on the tee box?  I thought I’d toss out a few more words of wisdom on both subjects.

Tees.  You put a ball on them to prop the ball up when you hit your driver right?    If you are just learning to golf you probably don’t give them much thought other than that, but you should!  When I first picked up the golf game, I went to the local golf store with my “Coach” John.  As he checked out the golf clubs, I roamed the displays of golf accessories.  I knew from watching him clean out his bag the night before (the one that I had inherited) that he loaded one of the pockets with tees of different lengths.  Since I was shopping for things to put in my bag, I thought I would stock up on tees for my pocket as well.  But how do you know the type to get?  There were very long ones and little short ones, bamboo ones, tees that look like little brushes and some that have the shape of martini glasses, plastic ones, wood ones, striped ones and plain ones, lots and lots of tees in different colors, expensive ones to cheap ones.  I grabbed up a pack of the cheapest tees I could find that came in assorted sizes ….in pink… and off we went to the range.  One of the things I learned during that session are that tees are just as important as the clubs, gloves and ball you use and knowing the proper way to use a tee is essential.  Tees are more than the colors and shapes they come in and they come in different lengths for a reason.

 When Coach taught me how to tee up my ball for a drive, he instructed me that the ball should not show more than half over the top of the crown or the top of the driver.   Tees4Of course I listen to my coach but I couldn’t help but try to experiment with teeing it a bit higher or a bit lower. I found that for me, if I tee the ball up too high, the trajectory of the ball flight is very high but I don’t get much roll at end. I also found that if I tee’d it a little lower in windy conditions the trajectory of the ball flight would be lower and I could keep the ball in play better.  I found that PrideSports had a 2 3/4 golf tee that was marked with a yellow band. If I pushed the tee down until I didn’t see the yellow band any more it was perfect for my drives. If I had to play in windy conditions, I simply pushed the tee down a bit further. Perfect! With practice, and using these tees, my drives became more consistent and a larger percentage of them were playable! I also highly recommend PrideSports Evolution Tee System, these are plastic tees that seem to last a very long time. They have the same yellow marking to make it easy to use. I played the same tee for 18 holes!

I had to learn so much!  Tees6For example, I was never quite sure how low I should tee up when using my fairway woods. Coach was always telling me I was teeing up to high and that the ball should be teed up just barely off the ground. In my mind, the higher I could tee it the easier I could hit it. He explained to me the face of the fairway wood is shallower than that of the driver. If the ball is teed up too high the tendency would be to hit the ball high and I’d lose distance. The Pride Evolution Tee System comes with a smaller 1 ½ inch tee that is marked with a yellow band that is perfect for use with fairway woods. For someone who has a zillion swing thoughts running in her head, when I don’t have to think of something like how muTees7ch to tee it down, it’s a major assist!

When using a long iron off the tee box , push the tee down so that no more than a 1/4 inch of the tee is out of the ground or just the crown of the tee.  I want to be able to get under the ball with my iron to be able to send it as far as I can go.  For my shorter irons, press the tee into the ground so only the head is showing. There is a variety of PrideSports Tee systems that you can find to fit your need and game.


Tee boxes. Just a place at the beginning of a hole where you tee up right? Uh, yes, but oh so much more. Just like tees, there are differences in tee boxes. Normally there are 4 different tee boxes for each hole. The tee box farthest from the pin is known as the championship tee box or the “tips” and are normally indicated by black or blue markers. The next tee box you will come to will be marked with either silver or while markers and are commonly known as the men’s tees. A lot of good women players hit from these tees as well. I love to see women strong enough to compete with the men on those tees!  The next tee box you come to is normally yellow or gold, and are designated as men’s senior tees. The next tee box as you move to closer to the pin are normally the ladies tee box designated with red markers.  Some courses have an extra tee box closer than the ladies tee box for the junior players or senior lady players .   Good thing too because I plan on playing until I get very old!!

When teeing up you just go up there and make sure you don’t cross the tee markers and swing right? No. As you walk up to the tee markers, look down the fairway.  What hazards do you see in front of you?  Where are the hazards?  The sand traps? Any grass bunkers?  You want to tee up farthest away from any hazards and the straightest and clearest distance to the pin. For example if there is a fairway sand trap on your right, you don’t want to place your ball on the right of the tee box because chances are you are going to be aiming right at it. By moving the ball to the other side of the box you have a chance it won’t find its way to the trap unless you inadvertently put it there. So use the tee box and scope out your situation and then envision the shot you are going to need to Take.

Tees3Another thing that is good to know –  Have you ever gone up on to the tee box and its leaning off to one side and you are not quite sure where to tee up the golf ball for the best shot?  Well, I learned that  you don’t have to tee your ball just between the markers.  You area allowed to tee up no farther back than 2 club lengths.  You can use your irons or your driver, or whatever club you choose to use.  In this picture I used my irons to show the “box.” You can also stand outside the box and hit as long  as  the ball is inside the box.  Teebox4

Before I ever played golf, I watched golf. It was so easy, nothing to it. What do you need to know but how to hit the ball? I never knew there were so many rules and things to things to know. Please if you are a beginning golfer, spend the time to know your game. Be smart. Use the best tools you can get your hands on. My golf season has started, equipment is ready and my golf bag is packed. I proudly carry Black Widow and Pride Sports equipment!

See you on the course!


Lorice SugarGrl Pierce

A Proud Black Widow and PrideSports Ambassador

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Masters Recap and Spring is in the Air!

So most places are finally starting to thaw out of the long winter that has kept most of us cooped up inside for months.  Except for all of you that live out on the west coast, Arizona and Florida areas.  The rest of us can finally get outside and play!  How can you tell it’s that time of  year??  Because the Masters Tournament has come and gone!  Yes the Super Bowl of Golf has already come and gone and it’s time to come out from hiding and clean up those sticks, regrip them if you haven’t and head out to the course!   Like I said the Masters has come and gone, but I wanted to highlight some of the big headlines from the week in case some how you are living under a rock and haven’t heard!  I would have to say the biggest two headlines from the week were the young man Spieth winning the tournament and tying the tournament record of -18 and becoming the 2nd youngest to win the tournament.  The other big headline for the week was Tiger coming back to competitive golf after another break to work on his game.  So yeah, Tiger was back and guess what folks, you could start to hear the roar coming back after what I would call a pretty successful week for him, the short game issues seem to be gone and his game is starting to look a lot better!  Back to young Mr. Speith – He came out firing on all cylinders and lead wire to wire to win the tournament, he was sharp the whole tournament and there was no looking back! This marked his 2nd win this year and 3rd of the new 2014-2015 FedEx Cup season.  With the way his game is right now, I’d expect him to be a contender in all the majors this year.  This young man could be the face of golf for years to come!  But as far as the Masters is concerned, the course was as beautiful as I’ve ever seen it on television and if you haven’t checked out the photos on our Black Widow facebook page from our Tour Rep, you definitely should!  Lefty and a few others had a great tournament as well, but it was hard to overcome the top performer. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the PGA season to see what all unfolds and who wins the next major!

As far as spring goes and the state of my own game, it’s definitely not as sharp as those guys as I’ve had very few rounds played, but I did manage to get several rounds in over Easter while I was in Myrtle Beach. The weather wasn’t perfect the entire time and it rained some, but it sure beat the cold and snow. Lately the snow has changed to rain, but the temperatures are much warmer here in NC finally and the courses are starting to green up, so as the weeks go by I will be hitting the course much more often!

Until Next Time Widow Fans,
Aaron Ellis
Brand Ambassador

Time to Relax

Taking My Black Widow with me Everywhere

Taking My Black Widow with me Everywhere

Ever have those days where you just need to get away from your normal every day existence and lose yourself? I had one of those weekends. With a year that hasn’t been what I had expected so far, I decided to grab the family and enjoy a little R&R in the desert.

We had a great time because it coincided with the LPGA’s first major of the year! Always nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones as well. What’s awesome is I have the opportunity to stay with a dear friend who I have known for almost 25 years who now resides in the desert. Her family was my housing in Massachusetts back in my LPGA days and we have been best friends ever since. All I have to do is call and say, “Hey, I need to recharge” and the door opens. I am blessed.

Fun in the Desert

One of the first things we did was take a tiny trip to the ‘Local’ Living Desert Zoo. It is amazing. I will admit, I am not a big fan of keeping animals ‘at bay’, but this desert has really allowed the animals to roam great terrain…more like what they would have in their own habitat. What’s more is they cater to education and getting all the guests involved.

Of course, we simply enjoyed the beauty of the animals regardless of the 90+ degree temperature at 9am!! They were engaging, and very friendly!


Coming in for a close-up!


We spent the better part of a day just watching the animals watch us. One fun thing along the way was a camel ride for our little one. Now you don’t get to do this every day!! No, I did not partake in this adventure. Next time…I think!


Mom, Can I keep him?!



But Its Easter?!

Now, the dilemma our family had was to manage celebrating Easter with our 5-year-old…in other words, how will the Easter Bunny know where we will be so he can drop off a basket for the little one? We decided that the best way was to email the Easter Bunny a note letting him know where we will be and give him very detailed directions. Let’s just say the 5 year old was very worried the Easter Bunny would not find her and drew a map, showing where the desert was and the ‘dot’ of where she will be. I was very confident he could find us all. I mean, let’s be honest, I wanted my Easter Basket too!!!


Mission Accomplished!!! He found us!!! That Easter Bunny is so smart!!! It also made for a very happy 5-year-old! Whew!

The Nabisco Dinah Shore is now the ANA Inspiration 

So after a couple of days of sitting back with our feet up and taking in a little desert time, it was time to see what my friends on the LPGA were up to. The final day of the ANA Inspiration (that is hard to say after decades of the former name) was one to remember all the way until the last putt finally dropped. If you didn’t watch the tournament on the last day, you missed an amazing day of golf. These girls can play!

My family and I took in the tourney in style, enjoying all the amenities and hospitality tents. The first major of the year for the LPGA was well sponsored and quite enjoyable on many levels.



It was a hot day to start with and right on cue, the winds started to howl at 2pm…right when the leaders were set to tee off. Talk about an exhausting round of golf. It is like always second guessing yourself. I watched Suzann Pettersen hit a great shot into 17 going right at the pin and then the wind took it a totally different direction. I must admit, it was fun to watch the girls wonder where each shot would end up…and I was happy I was a spectator and not playing! I have been there and done that and it is exhausting!

We ended up hanging around the final hole and watching the girls make that ‘big’ decision: ‘do I go for the 18th green in 2 for an eagle opportunity or lay up and try to fire one next to the pin for a birdie chance?’ On this big tournament stage, it was amazing seeing who made which decision. I was channeling my ‘Inner Mental Coaching’ and trying telepathically to help all the players make the best decision. Some listened and some not so much!



It was fun just hanging around watching incredible golf. The bonus was all the questions/compliments I received with regards to my outfit. I was sporting my Black Widow Hat, Softspikes Ball Marker and Black Widow shirt. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people thought I was a player and asked how my round went on the final day…of course, I told them I played awesome!

I had a grand opportunity, while watching the tournament, to talk about Black Widow Grips, Soft Spikes, all about the brand and the amazing people who are behind Black Widow Golf! It was fun telling them all about the grips and how I will never grab another grip. I Love Black Widow Golf!

Final Thoughts and a Quick Story

And so our quick vacation comes to a close. A playoff to remember, a zoo to enjoy, friends to hang with and enjoy great conversation and taking Black Widow with me everywhere I go!

The one thing missing this weekend was chatting with my dad. But, I know that he is playing Heavenly golf with his swag of Black Widow Golf equipment while looking down upon me, my family, my brother’s family and my mom. It is nice to have a true angel watching over us.

I just wanted to add that Dad has given me a sign he is doing well. Two weeks ago while I was out helping a client/player with her game on my home course, dad decided to drop a couple of items on the 14th fairway for me to find. They were the exact items that I sent with him to heaven…a ball and a Black Widow Tee. A warmth came over me and I knew he was right there with me. Thanks Dad, I needed that moment!

Well, that’s a wrap for this segment of Kate’s Blog! Hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to our next time together. Until then, keep it in the short stuff and one putt every green!


‘keep smiling and always believe’ 

Kate Hughes

Brand Ambassador for Black Widow and PrideSports


Proud Poppa: Little Black Widows


Hello web heads!!!

It’s seems like it’s been awhile since my last post. I hope you guys are able to have started your Golf Seasons by now. For me life has been busy, especially when you throw in twins that pull you in different directions.  Having a girl and boy twin combo, can be a little challenging for me at times. They are total opposites, it baffles me just how different they are. One is left handed the other right handed. I could go on forever with how opposite they are, but I won’t (Let you guys off easy lol).


Lucky for me since my last blog post they both decided they wanted to join a youth golf program. Yes!! They finally want to do something together and it’s GOLF! Yes; that made me happy ,okay it made me super excited and very happy. It was hard not to not push golf at them but I felt it was more important that it was their choice. I love them and the game too much to have force fed them.

Anyway, it was a bit bumpy at first she loved it, while he said” I’ll get back to you after we finish our first session”. Inside I was dying, yes it cut like a knife. My boy may not love golf! The mere thought of that was driving me LOCO (Crazy). Okay, fast forward 8 weeks He loves it and they both want MORE Golf.

AAU2     AAU1


Now they are both snatching up my Black Widow gear and claiming it as theirs. From my head covers to hats nothing Black Widow is safe from them.  They are even hogging up my Pride Sports practice gear at home like my Golf Mat and plastic and foam golf balls. Oh well sharing is caring, but I think they have taken it to a new level.

Okay let me wrap this post up. Oh but before I do, two days ago I purchased the twins new sets of golf clubs. It was 8:30 pm and they reminded me that I told them if they stuck with the lessons I would buy them new sticks.  It was time for me to pay up and they didn’t want to wait until the next day either. Lucky for me Dick’s Sporting Goods was open and I got them their clubs. Wait….. You would think new sticks they would be good right? Wrong!!!!!! “Hey Dad, now we need some of the Black Widow grips you have on your clubs. I have created Little Black Widow Monsters!



DSCF4724    DSCF4723

Alright fellow Black Widow peeps, hope you all get to play lots of golf! Go LONG ! Go Low !

Bill Cuebas

Black Widow Ambassador

Golf Grip Education

I thought I’d share with you an educational blog this time around on the subject of golf grips and the importance of same.  As I said before, when I first picked up a club, grips meant nothing to me, they were hard as a rock and slick as, well you know.  They were a “handle” that had marks on them designating where to place my hands.  They meant nothing more; I had a lot to learn but we all have to start somewhere.

As I increased my golf education and my golf “expertise,” I quickly picked up on the importance of finding the grip that is exactly right for your particular situation.  The grip is not just a “handle” the grip gives the golfer control of the club, it gives immediate feedback on the golf swing, provides information through the shaft as to how the ball was hit, and provides a buffer for vibration.  If you have been following my blogs, you probably know I’m married to John or @KlubHo, who is an extreme golf and golf equipment aficionado.  Through him I have had the opportunity to have been able not only to try most every club, and shaft on the market but grips as well.  Through this trial and error method, I was able to determine what grip was right for me.

Size:  Not every hand is equal and not everyone is a standard; get the right size grip for you.  Not sure of your size?  Check out the handy BW sizing chart. There are also a myriad of sizing guides on the internet, advice on grip size, etc., to help you size yourself for grips, but for me, I found mine by trial and error.  I really liked the feel of midsized grips but using them in my smaller sized hands, I found that they were negatively affecting my ability to rotate my wrist and hands in my follow through. They felt good, but they just didn’t work with my swing.  I tried undersized and junior grips that are normally recommended for smaller hands and found for me at least, they felt too small and I didn’t have that “confident” control in them that I wanted.  I was able to rotate my wrists but; they just “felt” small and made me want to squeeze the club too tight loosing feel.  Standard size grips were the grips that allowed me to have the control in my swing and allowed me to hit the ball most consistently and get the feel of the ball strike that I wanted.  It about the comfort and getting the grip that gives you the feel you need.

Material:  Just like my experiment with grip sizes, I experimented with grips in differing materials.  Again, I found mine to be a personal choice based on factors I had to consider for my particular swing and weather conditions. Smooth rubber grips felt too soft in my hands and in the hot Texas sun I mostly play under, they would tend to feel slick if my hands got wet.  Slippery grips made for a loose club feel which I don’t like.  Some rubber grips come in medium/high tack textures.  Tacky grips provide a texture that prevent much movement in the hands during the swing.  Some players need to have a small release/movement of their fingers during their swing and the tack grip can prevent this movement.  Again, it’s a personal choice; you might not like movement in your hands at all so the medium/high tack textures might work well for you.  I tried the all cord grips as well.  These grips are made to give the player full control of the club in all types of weather.  I like these grips overall but the downside for me, was they felt very hard in my hands and I felt a lot of vibration at impact that I didn’t care for.  Another factor I had to consider was whether or not I liked round or ribbed grips.  Round grips are just that round.  If you look inside through the end cap of a round grip you will see that it is perfectly round like a tube.  Ribbed grips offer the player a vertical alignment bar that runs down the underside of the grip.  This bar is felt through grip and gives the player a reminder as to where to place their hands.  In the description of the grip it will be annotated whether or not it is ribbed or round.  I use the round grip.  It allows me to be able to manipulate the club for the type of shot I need such as in chips or pitches.  Again, its a personal choice.

Black Widow offers a variety of grips that can fit your personal requirements.

  • The Tour Silk II has a feel between soft and firm and is built for all players in all weather conditions.
  • The Hybrid has a pebbled pattern at the top of the grip in lieu of cord with the bottom half being a shiny wrap design to provide comfort and tack.  This grip can be played in rain or shine and has a feel between soft and firm.
  • The Torque grip with Web Traction Technology is a full cord design and can be used in all weather conditions.  This grip has more of a firm feel.
  • The Black Widow grip for me turned out to be the Widow Maker.  It’s a hybrid design or bi-compound material grip that gives me the best of both worlds.  My glove hand is placed on the corded portion of the grip which gives me the texture I need to have full control of the club while my right hand is placed on the rubber portion of the club which allows me to feel the impact of the ball and gives me the ability to guide my swing.

Don’t forget the importance of a good putter grip either!  Just as important as your other grips is a putter grip.  A good putter grip can help you control the putter in address through follow through.  Black Widow has you covered!  The Finisher putter grip is a soft-gel grip that utilizes” Player Hand Control” construction to maximize your grip response.  It has a softer feel and is a larger size.  The Signature putter grip is highly textured rubber with Web Traction Technology and give a firmer feel and is a midsize grip.  The Signature was the putter grip for me!  Another choice is the Widow Maker putter grip.  A hybrid design that has both smooth and textured surface for those who need that texture to help keep the hands quieter during the stroke.

You know me and style is important.  BW grips have the features I’m looking for-from the Black Widow logo on the grip, to the cool looking spider enhanced end cap, with web enhanced technology I know I can’t go wrong and I’m looking good!

Cleaning and maintaining golf grips is just as important as selecting them.  Grips have texture for a reason and with wear and use, dirt particles become imbedded in the texture affecting the feel of the grip and overall performance.  You sure don’t want your grips to become so slick they will fly out of your hand do you?  The best way to clean your grips is by washing them off with some soap and water (don’t dump them in water).  Still not sure how?  Check out this link for detailed information on cleaning your BW grips.   If they don’t come clean it’s time to replace your grips!

I invite you to become thoroughly familiar with the BW grip website, it contains a wealth of information and education on their grip products, sizing information, features and technology that make them one of the best grips out there!  BW grips can be found at a retailer near you and through online retail sources.  BW can fit you with the grip that is right for you!

Since the weather here is a chilly 28 degrees, I thought I’d share some photos of me changing the grips on my irons since I can’t play today.  After all, a girl has to get ready for the 2015 golf season which starts in a few weeks!

Grips 1 I’ve cut off the original grips that came with my set.  This picture shows the tape that I still have to remove.

Grip 2 This picture shows what my shafts look like without the tape, a few more to go!

grip 4 In this picture I’m wrapping the new 2-sided tape on the shaft taking care not to crease the tape.

grip 5 Shafts wrapped, now ready for the fun part!

grip 7 I won’t go into all the technical aspects of putting on new grips yourself.  I have had lessons and I have an expert at hand!


grip 8 Wiping down the mineral spirit residue.

Grip 9 My finished product and I’m now ready for the upcoming golf season!  I’m so proud to be sporting these awesome Black Widow Widow Maker grips!  I hope to see you on the course sporting your favorite BW grips!

Lorice SugarGrl Pierce

Black Widow Ambassador

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Golf Tee Time Booking

So I got to thinking and not sure we have ever really covered the topic of booking tee times for golf, so it got me to wondering, how does everyone book their tee times? Now days there seems to be all sorts of methods of finding and booking a tee time, whether that be online via a website, on your phone by way of an app, calling the course directly or using a local company that specializes in making tee times at courses. So lets take those four and discuss the pros/cons to using those services as I have actually used all four of them myself over the years.

So as far as booking online, it seems like there are quite a few websites that specialize in booking tee times, GolfNow is probably the most known of the bunch and then I have used a site called ClickItGolf, then a few others that come to mind are TeeOff, Golf18Network and TeeTimes. Now I am not endorsing or promoting any of these websites, they are just websites that I have seen and used myself that way I can give some information on the form of using them. This form of booking tee times is quite convenient and takes very little time to do, most sites have a form to sign up so you can log in and make booking tee times quicker and more efficient as well. Most of the sites have multiple courses listed along with times and cost for the round, and have ways of filtering out to make it even more efficient. On a budget, sort it out by price, have a time/day constraint sort it out by time, only looking for a certain course then you can sort it by course. Now days the online booking method has really taken off and is used widely by many and if you haven’t done it then you should look into it. Not only can booking online save you time, quite a few times it can save you money as well. Most of the courses offer certain tee times to these sites to book out at heavily discounted prices to fill out their tee sheets for the day, so sometimes you can score some great deals on some really nice courses. I have got tee times for under 50% of the cost and sometimes you get free range balls or maybe even lunch. Then to top it all off some of the websites offer perks for using their site, book several rounds and you can get free golf/merchandise. Now the downside to using the internet to book your rounds are, limited personal interaction, usually a fee to use their service, limited tee times occasionally, and sometimes cancellation fees/loss of money. For the traditionalist booking online might not be the way to go.

So the next way to find a tee time is if you have one of these handy dandy smart phones that a lot of people have these days, several of these online sites offer an app that you can download to your phone and makes it even quicker and more at your disposal if you can’t get to the computer to book a tee time. Now days everyone seems to take their phone with them no matter where they are or where they go, so why not make an app that allows you to book a tee time right then a there. These apps make it quick and efficient to book rounds and can pick up where you are via GPS signal and find courses near you if you happen to be out of town and looking for a course to play and have no clue where to go. They can list courses within certain miles of you and list all available tee times for that range. Then you can just log into your account and book it and go. While these apps are great, some of them have downfalls as in if you don’t have a good signal then it might not locate you, sometimes they leave out tee times that are available online and sometimes they just don’t downright function as smoothly as they should. So again for the traditionalist or old school style, this is even newer age technology in the way to book tee times and might not be what you are looking for. But I have found it to work great when I am out of town, or if I am out with friends and decide we want to play on a certain day, we can look right then and there and book a tee time.

So then the third way to get a tee time is by the good old fashion style of picking up the phone and calling the course directly and setting up a tee time with them. Now when it comes down to it, you get the personal service of someone working at the course, checking their tee time sheet and penciling you in for a time so that you know without a doubt you will have any issues when you show up. Also this prevents from having to prepay for your round/group and there are no service charges. I mean in the end what can beat a no hassle way of just having to make a fairly quick phone call and talk to someone and have them give you what available tee times they have. Also if you have to cancel your tee time, usually it just takes a quick phone call and there are no cancellation fees. Now the only downfalls to going the old fashioned route are, you have no clue of what tee times they have available until you call, sometimes the rack rate can be significantly higher than booking online, but sometimes it could be cheaper if they are running a special themselves, and then its the matter of finding the course the old way via phonebook or something and calling them up and not being able to see multiple courses at once. But for the traditionalist that wants that personal interaction or just a 100% guarantee that no issues will arise from setting up a time, this is usually the safe route to go!

So the last way to go is a method that I have used several times when out of town, especially in the Myrtle Beach, SC region. That is using a local company that specializes in setting up tee times with courses locally. Sometimes their rates beat the rack rate and even online rates, they sort of work as a middle man between online and calling directly. They usually can access the tee time sheet at the course and see what is available, and they book the round for you and can often get a discount that is close to or better than the rack rate or online rate. That way you get personal interaction with a person, save some money and get a guarantee of no hassle if an issue should come up. This method also allows you to check on multiple courses and see what is available. Now this kind of service is available in all areas due to lack of courses and wouldn’t be a profitable business, but for the areas that are abundant in golf courses it is quite a nice service. I would say the major downfall to this is sometimes they do charge a service charge if you have to pay ahead or do it via their website instead of over phone, also sometimes the rates can be a bit higher depending on the courses compared to online. Now I will say a lot of these local companies that specialize in this also sometimes have exclusive tee times to some of the courses that aren’t offered online and are harder to get on that are private/semi-private. Now that might be costly, but if you really want to play a course because of its quality and service and can’t get on because you aren’t a member then this service might work perfect for you.

So all in all there are quite a few ways to book tee times these days for golf, what do you use and why? What benefits/issues have you had with using certain booking methods?  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Black Widow Ambassador
Aaron Ellis