2012 Masters!

Mastered??? Just Maybe??  Bubba Watson captured this years 2012 Masters Championship and the coveted Green Jacket! By capturing this years title, it will allow him go down in golf history as one of golf’s greatest champions! This years Masters tournament was full of surprises, oooo’s and ahhh’s, all of which will make people remember this years tournament. I’m not sure what all you will remember about this years tournament. Will it be the hype leading into the tournament of the Tiger vs Rory matchup so many people wanted to see and anticipated that never developed into anything?? Could it have been Leftys chance to capture another green jacket if it wasn’t for the triple bogey he had on the final round that could of kept him from possibly winning it all?? Or what about the snowman(8) on 18th hole on the first day for the Swedish player who got off to a blistering start before it all fell apart?? I’d say the 2 biggest highlights came on the final day as the tournament. This years champion bending that ball around from in the trees like he did and making it to a playoff that eventually would land him the green jacket had to be one of the best golf shots ever. But in my opinion, the South African’s miraculous double eagle on #2 that was probably the best shot of the tournament and one people will remember for years!  I personally will never forget this years Masters tournament, there were so many highlights and great things that happened that they will always stick in my memory and hope that it did the same for you!

What were some of your favorite highlights from this years Masters? I’d love to hear what you have to say about this years tournament, maybe it was your first time traveling there or even your 10th+ time, what memories will you always have from this years Masters?

Black Widow Brand Ambassador

Aaron Ellis


2 responses to “2012 Masters!

  1. Aaron,
    Great re-cap of an awesome tournament. I was really psyched for Sunday and what I thought would be a certain Mickelson charge to the top of the leader board. But if it wasn’t meant to be for “Lefty”, then Bubba was definitely my second choice. Plus the shot of the tournament soon to be pushed aside by the “Wedge”!
    Watching Louis graciously accept the fact of “almost”, was a reminder to all of us who participate or spectate that this truly is a Gentleman’s Game.

    Billy Rockow
    Black Widow Brand Ambassador

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