To Customize, or Not Customize, That is the question.

A few months ago Mama Widow and the rest of the Black Widow family challenged the Ambassadors with a contest that involved submitting the most photos of Black Widow products. Over the course of the competition, each Ambassador had to beg and borrow from friends and family to help submit the most pictures. Bill Cuebas took an early lead in the competition and was on cruise control until the final day. Not knowing what he would submit on the final day I decided to pull a last minute EBay move and enter everything I had left to try and pull off the upset. Little did I know that Bill was nursing a toothache on the final day and wasn’t able to submit any additional pictures. Although I pulled off the upset win by default, I know he would have crushed me if he didn’t pull a “Rors” toothache during the closing round. With that being said, I would like to Thank Black Widow for the prize you are about to read about. I would also like to Thank Bill for being a good sport about the whole oral-deal.

Now lets get on to the fun stuff: The Prize. Black Widow went all out and let the winning Ambassador customize a golf bag from Vessel Bags. I will admit that I have always secretly wanted a bag tagged with my name and custom logos. However, I never looked into because I figured a custom bag like this would not be within my budget. Another reason I didn’t look into it was because of the heckling I would receive on the course from my friends. After all, customized bags and logos are only reserved for the Pro’s, right? I quickly found out how wrong I have been all these years.

I have been buying golf bags about every other year since I started playing golf. The average cost for a good quality bag runs around $300. Now if you want to add custom embroidery to the bag, look at adding on an additional $50-$100 per logo. Keep in mind that this price doesn’t include the embroidery “set up” fees. Now lets take a look at Vessel Bags. They do the ultimate golf customization. Whatever you can dream of, they can build it. Vessel claims that you can design a custom bag in minutes…but don’t believe it. You can easily get lost on the site for hours (like I did) crafting the perfect golf bag. You start off by selecting the type of bag you desire. You can pick from the Player (stand) bag or go all out and get one of the Premium bags they offer. The prices range from $350 and go up to $650 with shipping included. Once you select your bag style, you then have to pick the color scheme and composition of the bag. I must warn you now that this might be the hardest part of building the bag. You get to select a variety of different colors for your primary, secondary, and accent bag colors. Once you decide on which colors fit you and your game, you move on to the next hole and personalize it. The last step in the process is having the option to add logos or text to the front, right side, left side and to the strap of the bag. Once you finalize that step you are ready to place your order!

Depending on the design and logos you choose, bags can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to finalize and be delivered. My bag was on the tail end of eight weeks due to my special design requests. During the entire process Vessel kept in touch with me on the bag progress and to see if I had any questions. A few weeks into the project the sent me a stitch out of the bag for my approval and asked if I wanted to make any changes. I did request one change. I noticed on the arm strap that I picked white stitching by mistake and asked if they could change it to black. Their response was, “Absolutely.” I couldn’t believe they made the change without charging me extra. They truly backed up their company goal to “provide the highest quality golf gear with 100% customer satisfaction – every time”. After they fixed my error and stitched my bag together, Vessel sent me one more image of the complete bag just before shipping it out. This was awesome and cruel at the same time. It was such a great feeling to know the bag was on its way. On the flip side, I felt like a kid again waiting for Christmas day. A few days later the bag made it to its final destination and was quickly filled with irons, tees, balls and dressed with a new Black Widow golf towel.



I’ve had the bag for about one month now and have only shared a couple of pictures with the BW staff and my golf buddies on the MGA Tour. I have received nothing but rave reviews regarding the design and quality of the bag. I have a feeling that a few more people are going to purchase one after they found out the price. You might want to order yours soon before Vessel catches on to what a great deal they offer. One last thing about Vessel…for each bag sold, they will fund a World Vision Promise Pack that provides aid to orphans and at-risk children throughout the world. The backpacks are filled with school supplies and personal hygiene items that help children in need stay healthy and realize their promise.

Now that you had a chance to see my bag, how would you design yours?

Mike Slowik

Black Widow Brand Ambassador


The “Clowns pocket” to remind me how much fun golf is regarless how bad I might be playing.

I’m famous now with my name on the bag.


Pull out pocket to hide my golf supplies.

IMG_8949 IMG_8940


They include a handy ball marker to every bag.


High quality logos letting the world know which brand is the best.

IMG_8948 IMG_8939 IMG_8944